What is it?

The Bowen Technique brings one of the most profound therapeutic concept in the world today.It is based on the theory that once total relaxation of the body has been achieved, the inner ability to address any problems in the body and mind – by bringing them back to balance and harmony – is activated.

ce este1The Bowen Technique is a unique form of neuromuscular re-patterning. It works not only through the nervous system, on both structural and muscular levels, but also through the lymphatic and circulatory system. It is also renowned for its effectiveness with internal conditions and rehabilitation time improvement.

This therapy is a new concept in bodywork, and it is neither derived from nor similar to any other physical modality:

Misalignments commonly right themselves - yet there is no manipulation of joints or bones as in chiropractic work.

ce este2Muscle tensions and strains are relieved and normal lymphatic flow is restored - yet muscles are not squeezed as in massage.

Meridians show immediate improvements - yet the work is not based on meridians and does not resemble acupuncture or acupressure.

ce este3Internal psychological shifts are common - yet it is not necessary to evoke emotional response as in mind-body therapies.

Nearly everyone reports a pleasant, relaxed state and a deep sense of well being and ease.

THE BOWEN TECHNIQUE is internationally applauded by orthodox, alternative and complementary medicine throughout the world as health care at its BEST!

If you are looking for a way to learn helping others overcome their pain and suffering, then seek out THE BOWEN TECHNIQUE!